Assoc.Prof.Hasan OKTAY PhD

Vesna Poposka, PhD candidate




Legal education was given significant importance in older educational system. As a matter of fact, one of the most important courses in the madrasahs that constitute the backbone of this system was fiqh, namely the law course. During the classical period of the Ottoman State, law schools were held in madrasahs. In most madrasahs there was specialization in different areas.  The leagl and societal development and the innovations that started in the field of law after Tanzimat led to the fact that the madrasahs become inadequate to educate lawyers, and urged school organizations to provide formal legal education for the training of those who are obliged to implement the changing and renewed law. Innovations in the Ottoman judicial organization and modernization efforts in education constitute the basis for the role and developmental process in the launching of legal  educational institutions.

  Key words: law, education, Ottoman era, reforms