Mr.Fehmi Skender, PhD ,  Mr.Ilker Ali, PhD.




The innovations brought with the use of computers and communication technologies cause various and significant changes in every aspect of our lives.Industry 4.0 offers a wide range of processing, communication and production capabilities. Along with Industry 4.0, digitalization, data classification and conversion algorithms and software, also known as digitalization, are also developing with giant steps. With the process of digitalization, digital products such as computers, printers and scanners are the most important units of the enterprises and have started to transfer the traditional accounting place to smart accounting. Days of accounting transactions as we know them, are now behind. The software, which was prepared for answering, started to use automatic answering system in communication with the customer. Today’s Big Data concept is a help finding a solution instead of being scary.

Research studies were carried out with the development of a digitalization software in the field of intelligent accounting. Firstly, the developed software is scanned with the Flexi Capture SDK software and the document type is determined. Thus, digitizing and converting the data into a suitable format saves a great deal of time and effort. The performance of companies using the advantages of traditional accounting and smart accounting was measured. The results of our research proved the success and performance of the developed software in the best way.

 Keywords: Industry 4.0, Big Data, Data Digitalization.