Assist. Prof. Simonida Vukadinović, PhD,  Assist. Prof. Jelena Ješić, PhD,  Assist. Prof. Andrea Andrejević Panić, PhD

Green economy and green jobs – trends in the South Eastern Europe



The paper presents green economy trends as well as green jobs increase in the selected countries of the region of the South Eastern Europe. Main subject of the paper shows that green economy represents a system of economic activities that produce, distribute and consume goods and services which makes better human living in long term in order to diminish environmental risks and ecological shortage. Also, term circular economy is a new concept, that presents set of quality responses to global crisis issues, not only of industry crises but also environmental and climate change issues as well. The objectives of the paper are reflected in the circular economy concept as a strategy by which resource consumption is not increasing and the environmental impact is reduced. The objective is supported in the fact that green jobs present decent jobs contributed to environmental preserve and restoring all industry sectors. The significance of this subject can be found in the fact that only last year, global economy created more than half a million new jobs in renewable energy sector, so that number of employed in renewables is more than 10 million (10,3 million; 3,4 million in the solar industry; 1.15 million in wind power industry). Some predictions in this context will be given in the paper as well.

Key words: green economy, green jobs, renewables, circular economy, recycling, environment.