Gjorgi Slamkov PhD.

New trends in criminal law – Rise of cybercrime



Crime is a dynamic and evolutionary phenomenon that uses the scientific and technological achievements to achieve the set goals. A criminal-legal reaction, especially the criminal law as a substantive part, ie., a set of norms that define socially harmful behavior with a threat of sanction, is also in constant evolution, in order to meet the challenges of today.

Modern society is facing various forms of criminal activities. It is possible that the categorization is done according to various criteria, but what is specifically the subject of interest are the forms of punishable behavior that are a hallmark of the achieved level of civilization development, the behaviors that have a universal detrimental effect, and, of course, what steps are taken in the criminal law in response to new challenges.

In the paper focus is on the cybercrime as one of the most recent forms of punishable behavior, but with enormous growth, harmful consequences expressed in billions, great mystery, and serious difficulties in providing evidence.

The paper puts emphasis on cybercrimes that more often occur in practice, international regulations, as well as national strategies of some countries.

 Key words: cybercrime, internet, criminal law, criminal offenses,