Assoc. Prof. Svetlana BAYMOLDİNA PhD  

L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Faculty of Law, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan,  e-mail:




The foundations of the Seljuk State were laid in the geography of Turkistan in the Xth century. Today, a significant part of this geography is owned by the Turkish Republic of Kazakhstan. Seljuk Bey, the Seljuks’ ruler, served for a while in the Oguz Yabgu State, which ruled today in the territories within the borders of Kazakhstan, and then migrated to the Islamic country to the south, accepting Islam. Those of his descendants have found the Seljuk State, one of the greatest states in Turkish history.

Kazakhstan, today is one of the most important heirs of the political, social, cultural, legal and economic accumulation of the Göktürks, Seljuks and Kazakh Khans in Turkestan geography. The legal system established by these political entities has maintained its existence in that geography for a long time. It is possible to see the traces of the Seljuk legal system in the legal history of Kazakhstan, which has adopted the modern legal system nowadays. The widespread international trade and the emergence of new legal situations also necessitate changes in the rules of law. Kazakhstan’s Execution Law is experiencing this process of change, along with a number of problems arise, in parallel with this, and it is becoming compulsory to make some changes in legal legislation for resolving these problems. The Execution Law adopted in 2010 with the aim of solving these problems that arise in the legal system in Kazakhstan brought with it a number of new problems in practice.

In this study, daily problems from the Seljuks on the Execution Law in the Kazakhstan’s Legal System were identified and the solution of the issue was discussed.

Keywords: History of Kazakhstan Law, Execution Law.