Mr.sci. Fehmi SKENDER




The Computer Aided Education Today, the advancement of technology and the increasing importance given to education, to solve the difficulties and problems, have become compulsory in order to take advantage of the technological possibilities.
The computer is one of the technological possibilities, the century in which we live is one of the fundamental elements of culture.
Today computers have become an unavoidable fact of recognition.
Indeed, recognition of the computer, a modern man, why are numbers such as literacy activities.
On the other hand, recently, software that may change the complete experimental training course have been created that can be good alternative for the school science labs in many rural areas, primary schools, secondary and higher education levels.
The number of students in the virtual classroom can vary according to the needs.
We have prepared student software that can be used for comfortable and easy participation in a virtual experimental course.

Keywords: distance learning, virtual classrooms, science labs and remote Internet Protocol